Advance Analysis Seminars

I can provide 10 – 14 day rigorous learning seminars teaching analysts how-to-think about the toughest analytic and collection cognitive problems.

Advanced Collection Seminars

I can provide 10 – 14 day seminars on collection support for  the toughest analytic and collection problems facing today’s intelligence analysts and collectors.

Critical thinking/How-to-Think Seminars

I can provide rigorous seminars to help your people learn to think in ways that will maximize the ideas they contribute to your organization.

Red Teaming/Devil’s Advocate Services

I can provide a critical look at and a creative analysis of responses to Requests for Proposals (RFP) for your company, or even, term papers, theses, dissertations, or projects, which will help find areas of weakness and assist in strengthening the end product.

Intelligence Futures/Transformation

I can help you look at transformation of your organization or organizational processes to assist you in change that will position your organization to be ready for the future.

Virtual Mentorship

I can provide virtual mentorship to assist you with both immediate projects or long term career choices.


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